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Open dialogue between the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute and students

10:42 29.01.2020

At the initiative of the rector of ASMI professor M.M. Madazimov an open dialogue between the institute’s management and students continues. The next conversation was attended by 5th year students of pediatric faculty, in which the rector of the institute, the dean of pediatric faculty A. Gafurov, deputy deans took part.

The rector spoke of the responsibility of the chosen profession. Speaking about the profession, the rector noted its difficulties and urged everyone to study well and cherish a peaceful sky.

During the conversation, the rector spoke about the created conditions, the activities of the simulation center, the work of the IRC and urged students to study well and pay attention to the rules of behavior, the culture of wearing clothes, learning foreign languages, actively participate in the work of scientific circles. Students expressed their opinion and gratitude to the leadership of the institute.