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13:56 06.02.2019

    At present time, all the departments of Andijan State Medical Institute have developed favorable conditions and advanced teaching methods are used.

Electronic, simulation, telemedicine and distance learning are widely introduced in the field of quality teaching and students can get deep knowledge on theoretical and practical subjects equally.

We know, the clinic of ASMI is a main educational base. Nowadays the study rooms of the departments of Surgery and Urology, Course of Urology, Facultative and Hospital Surgery, General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology are equipped with necessary telemedicine equipment.

Telemedicine rooms are equipped at the required level and students are able to follow the surgical procedures directly.
In the telemedicine room the students can observe the condition of the patient, directly watching the process of operation on the operating table, contact with the specialists involved in the surgical operations, get answers to the questions as well as necessary information they are interested in.