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Andijon sh. Yu.Otabekov 1-uy

Preparation for students' practice

13:35 24.05.2019

In accordance with the «Regulations on Qualification Practice of Students of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan», on the basis of curriculum for active training of students at the  summer production practice at the faculties  of Therapy, Pediatrics, Dentistry, as well as directions Professional Education, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy and High Qualified Nurses a seminar with the participation of team leaders of the 5-6th courses of the Pediatric and Dental Faculties were held.

Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics A.Gafurov took part in the seminar and talked about the importance of students’ practice and the reforms carried out by the state.
               B.Mirzakarimov, responsible for Therapeutic works of the institute, made a report about  works which was carried out for student practice, the duration of the practice, the tasks and the order of their implementation.