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Andijon sh. Yu.Otabekov 1-uy

Preparing students for summer practice

16:53 31.05.2019

According to the «Regulations on Qualification Practice of Students of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan» for the purpose of activating summer-training practice of students on a curriculum basis of the students of therapeutic, pediatric, dentistry faculties as well as the directions of professional education (medical treatment), preventive medicine, pharmacy and HNA a practical seminar was held with the participation of professors and teachers of the institute, who were attached to the practice objects.

The seminar was attended by the dean of Pediatric faculty A.Gafurov and he talked about the importance of practice as well as reforms carried out by the state. B.Mirzakarimov, responsible person for treating work of the Institute, explained to the participants of the seminar on the work done, the duration, the tasks and the procedure for the preparation of students.At the end of the seminar, the practice managers were provided with the necessary documentation and information.