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Andijon sh. Yu.Otabekov 1-uy

Professor of Porto University of Portugal N.V.Lukoyanov conducted distance lecture

16:17 14.12.2018

   On December 14, 2018, the Department of Normal Physiology, Neurology and Psychiatry of Andijan State Medical Institute together with the staff  of Medical Faculty of Porto University of Portugal conducted for the first time on-line lecture.

The distance lecture on the topic » Functions of  Memory and brain  reactions in different situations» was conducted by the professor of «Biomedicine» department  of the chair  «Neuroanatomy and Grosanatomy » of  Porto University of Portugal  Nikolay  Vsevolodovich  Lukoyanov to the 1st and 2nd year  students of Therapeutic and Pediatric  faculty of Andijan State Medical University.

The lecture was attended by professorial-teaching staff of the department of « Normal Physiology, Neurology and Psychology»

Distance lecture aroused great interest of students. At the end of the lecture the students received answers to their questions.