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Rector of Andijan state medical institute met with the students’ parents

13:20 12.12.2018

On December 11, 2018 in the conference hall of Andijan State Medical Institute, the rector of the Institute M.Madazimov met with the parents of students of Therapeutic,Pediatric faculties and Professional Education direction.
The rector of the institute M.Madazimov emphasized the attention and care provided by  President of our Republic to the young people, the conditions and opportunities created by our state, reforms in the higher education system as well as discussed the educational process of the students.

Also, he talked about the conditions and opportunities for students created in the Institute, the high quality of teaching, IRC service, IT center, media center, simulation and electronic systems, and distance education as well.

In addition, the rector outlined the essence of the 34th Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the rules of behavior in Andijan State Medical Institute and expressed his views on the culture of students’ behavior and dress cod. He also emphasized the importance of students’ preparation for the classes, learning foreign languages and controlling their participation in clubs. He urged parents to keep lasting partnership in the process of education.

Pro-rector on academic affairs A.Arzikulov, Dean of Pediatric Faculty A.Gafurov, Dean of Therapeutic Faculty B.Abdullajonov, Chairman of the Coordination Council A.Arzibekov, Head of Professional Education direction D.Hasanov and Deans deputies also participated in the meeting and answered the parents’ questions. The meeting was held in a transparent, friendly and sincere atmosphere.