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16:41 18.07.2019

The registration of applicants for the 2019-2020 academic year has come to an end, which was in particular attention of thousands of young people who have set a goal to study at higher education institutions.
As in all higher education institutions in the country, this process was also conducted in Andijan state medical institute with special preparation, attention and transparency.
The informative board was organized for applicants, which included all relevant information as well as description of the educational directions of the institute. With the aim of answering the questions of entrants and parents and informing all the news a “Call Center” and Inquiry Informative Office were organized. Besides, the chairman of the admission commission, executive secretary and medical room were functioning at the institute.
The total number of admission quotas for the 2019-2020 academic year is 520, of which 260 are on the base of state grants and 260 are on contractual payment base for Bachelor’s degree. 201 are for Master’s degree.
In all 11,172 entrants have been registered, including to the direction of  Therapy, Pediatrics, Medical Prophylaxis, Dentistry, Professional education, Pharmacy and Higher Nursing as well. This shows, that in comparison with the  last year 2951 more applicants have been registered.
In the course of admission process, those who have served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and received a special recommendation from the military unit have 5 percent privilege (110 entrants), the children of the employees of Internal Affairs Board who have made a worthy contribution to the fight against crime have 3 percent privilege (16 entrants), for disabled persons 2 percent privilege (53 persons), 1 applicant with certificate of Uzbekistan Youth Union, a total of 180 applicants with privileges have been registered.
It is acknowledged that according to the Resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD No.3726 dated May 14 2018 and the Resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD No.4212 dated February 26 2019, eight applicants were admitted directly to Andijan state medical institute on the privilege base without exams. Also, 16 foreign applicants were registered in the directions they chose.