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Roundtable discussion on "Election Code is the Basis of Democracy".

13:49 08.08.2019

On August 7, 2019 at the Scientific Conference Hall of Andijan State Medical Institute a seminar on the essence of the Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan titled «Election Code – the basis of democracy» and roundtable discussion dedicated to the political and election program of the Party was held. The roundtable discussion was opened by the vice-rector on youth affairs of ASMI P.Askhanov, who spoke about the important issues on the agenda.

Press secretary of the Regional Council of the SDP “Adolat” A.Nazarov commented on the important tasks facing the party leaders and its electorate today.

M. Boltaboev, the Executive Officer of the Central Apparatus of the Political Council of the SDP “Adolat” delivered a lecture on “The Election Code is an Important Factor in Ensuring Legitimacy and Transparency in the Electoral Process”, Sh.Valiev, a leading expert of Andijan regional branch of the CSTO made a lecture on “The essence of the Election Code and introduced changes”,  M. Musaeva, the Deputy Chairman of Andijan Regional Council of the SDP “Adolat”, K. Kayumov, the Deputy Chairman of Andijan Regional Council of the SDP “Adolat” for organizational work delivered lectures on «Modern methods of party and candidate propaganda during the election campaign».

At the end of the roundtable discussion, suggestions and comments on future activities were exchanged and the Party shared experience of working with the population during the election campaign.