The delegation from Dagestan State Medical University visited Andijan State Medical Institute

16:48 16.05.2019

On May 16, 2019 the rector of Dagestan State Medical University Mammaev Suleiman Nurattinovich, dean of the Dental Faculty Abakarov Tagir Abakarovich and responsible employee of International Cooperation  Khadjalieva Sajida Djambulatovna visited  Andijan State Medical Institute.

The guests from Dagestan were welcomed by the rector of ASMI M.Madazimov, pro-rector on Academic Affairs A.Arzikulov, head of International Cooperation department K.Salokhiddinov, dean of the dental faculty D.Tulanov, professor and teacher as well as students.

The intense and friendly conversation between the Dagestan delegation and the leadership of  ASMI, about achieving the goals set out in the agreement and strengthen long-term and effective cooperation in the field of mutually beneficial cooperation between educational institutions.

During the conversation, S. Mammaev thanked for Uzbek hospitality and sincere compassion.

During the meeting, the both sides discussed issues of cooperation, the organization of educational programs on «Road Map», organizational aspects of the curriculum of the 3 + 2 educational system, and the receiving the students’ to dental faculty for  2019-2020 academic year, the adoption of a joint curriculum, the establishment of a sincere relationship between young people and teachers during the admissions process, and the agreement on the amount of contract payments and the future plans for students.

On the same day, a delegation from Dagestan State Medical University visited the simulation-training center of ASMI, where they observed the process of studying students with phantoms, moulages and stimulants.

By the order, scientific dialogue with professors, teachers, residents, clinical interns and students was held at the conference hall of ASMI. The dialogue was opened by rector of ASMI M.Madazimov. The head of the 1st department of General Practitioners, Professor Z. Salokhiddinov thanked for the scientific and cultural cooperation between the two universities. In addition, the rector of Dagestan State Medical Institute S.Mammaev delivered a lecture with presentation on therapy.

At the 1st lecture hall, the dean of the Dental faculty T. Abakarov delivered a lecture  on topical issues of dentistry.

After the lecture, the guests visited the Department of Anatomy, Surgery and Topographic Anatomy and observed the Museum of Human Anatomy.
The visit of guests from Dagestan continues.

They visited the 2nd Surgical Department  of the clinic of ASMI where they were introduced with, study rooms and conditions as well as treatment of patients. According to the plan, at the endoscopic training center they observed the process of and study of students and residents.

Therefore, at the Department of Cardiac Surgery and at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care the patients were examined and  provided the necessary consultations.

During the visit, the delegation will be closely acquainted with the learning process, deliver lectures on current topics, conduct master classes, negotiate joint projects and research as well as  innovation projects.