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“Russian Fair” at Andijan State Medical Institute

16:24 17.12.2019

“Russian Fair” – holiday celebrations of the Russian people. At the fair, people not only engage in trade, but also celebrate the holiday in a good mood, accompanying it with songs and dances. “Russian Fair” reflects the national traditions of the Russian people. Today, students of the group 103 of Pediatric faculty hosted a New Year event on the topic “Russian Fair” at the Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology of ASMI under the guidance of the teacher N.Sh. Buranova.

Students read poetry in Russian, performed Russian national dances and songs, reflecting the “Russian Fair”. In each performance of students, Russian national traditions, Russian spirit and life were felt.

The decoration of the hall, preparation of Russian costumes, national dishes, dancing and showing Russian games left a great impression on the participants and guests.

The perky dances and songs inspired everyone. Involuntarily, the participants began to sing together with the students.

At the New Year’s Eve event, students showed their knowledge of the Russian language and had a good rest.

After the event, the head of the department M.M. Kuziboeva and the teacher N.Sh. Buranova thanked the students on behalf of the leadership of the institute.

The main thing is that the students of the group 103 of Pediatric faculty had a great time “Golden time of studentship at the“ Russian Fair ”.

Translated by N.Mamatova