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Scientific conference on “Abdominal hernia”

15:23 13.12.2018

On December 11th, 2018, at the Department of Surgery and Urology, scientific conference on “Abdominal hernia” was held under the supervision of Associate U.Usmonov (Candidate of Medical Sciences) and in the presence of Andijan State Medical Institute, Treatment faculty students. Welcome speech was delivered by the Head if the Department, Prof. F.N.Nishonov.

Participants of the conference discussed the common types, root causes, diagnostics and modern treatment options of abdominal hernia. They also highlighted the accomplishments in the field of abdominal hernia surgical treatment.

Students took active part in the conference acting as correspondent, photographer, camera operator, film editor surgeon and specialist. Presents and certificates were handed out to participants at the end of the conferenct.