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Sports event on recreational walking was held

10:37 29.04.2019

In the morning of April 27, 2019, professors, teachers, employees as well as the students of  Therapeutic faculty of  Andijan State Medical Institute gathered around the main building of the institution.

According to the 5th initiative “To improve the spirituality and content organization of free time”, put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, special attention was paid to the creation of conditions for the development of the abilities of young people in the field of sports and physical strengthening. The staff and students of ASMI have actively participated in the morning health walking.

On this day, under the leadership of the dean of the faculty B. Mamatov, teachers and students walked the intended route, which was started from the main building of the institute, and was ended at the fencing complex of  Andijan region, and backward. The participants of the health event began to work in a great mood.

In addition, at the military department of the institute, teachers and cadets performed the exercises: short-distance running, morning gymnastics and marched. Murodjon Ulmasov conducted the classes with the cadets.