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Students of Andijan state medical institute received the 2nd place in the international olympiad held in Stavropol state medical university, Russian federation

11:23 12.04.2019

The 2nd year student of therapeutic faculty G.Solijonova, K.Najmiddinova, M.Usmonov, E.Turayev and the first year student of Pharmacy direction M.Mirzahanova under the guidance of the head of the Department of Normal Physiology and Pathologic Physiology of Andijan State Medical Institute A.G.Hudayarova  successfully participated at the International Olympiad on Normal Physiology held at  Stavropol State Medical University, Russian Federation.

At the International Olympiad, the team under the name “Sharq Yuragi (Heart of East)” consisting of the students of Andijan State Medical Institute, with their knowledge and skills, took the 2nd place. The winner team was awarded with diplomas and certificates of the second degree.

The rector of Stavropol State Medical University V.Koshel sent a «Letter of thanks» to the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute M.Madazimov for the students’ active participation in this international Olympiad.

We congratulate the winning team with this great victory and wish success to be lasting.