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Summarizing the knowledge

14:33 20.01.2020

The days go by as fast as a river. The students, who have recently started the school year, began to get ready for the control works and preparation for exams. These issues were highlighted at the traditional Thanksgiving event held at Andijan State Medical Institute at the beginning of the week.

The event was held in the main building of the Institute under the responsibility of the Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy.

The senior teacher of the department I.Sattiboev, who spoke at the event, presented the news in the learning process and wished the students success in the coming attestation and do the tasks on time.

Thanksgiving event in the clinic of ASMI was organized by the Department of Optional Therapy. The event was opened by Ulugbek Karimov, the Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of the Faculty of Therapy, who said that we should be thankful for living every  day in peace and being in good health.

After that, the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was sung by teachers and students.

The teachers of the Department of Optional Therapy N.Yusupova and Z. Mamajanova gave a lecture on the theme “Spiritually mature youth is the future of our country” and read poems praising Motherland.

The Thanksgiving event, held at the Institute’s 2 nd building, also discussed the issues of successful taking examinations.

The students made their way to the classrooms full of enthusiasm to do their best at implementing the tasks discussed at Thanksgiving event.

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova