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Thanksgiving event

15:17 04.02.2019

On February 2, 2019 at the entrance hall of the institute an event was held on “Human trafficking – the tragedy of life”. The anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was sounded at the event.
At the beginning the head of the Department of Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy Z. Kakharov made a speech. In his speech, he spoke about human trafficking, its consequences, that the sale of human organs that pose an international threat to people leads to family tragedies.

Traffickers sell men, women and children, attracting them to forced physical labor, and also sell children’s organs for profit.
The next speaker was the senior teacher of the department M. Saliyev and urged the students to refrain from these moral vices and ideas that are alien to our mentality, such as violence, ideas of extremism, immorality, and mass culture. The speakers urged students to be vigilant.

At last assistant S.Ahmedov answered to their questions. The event was interesting.