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"Thanksgiving – is a good manner"

13:12 24.09.2019

As the person wishes goodness and good intentions to those around him, his heart, mind, and soul will be enhanced. Whoever is accompanied by goodness, sincerity, and noble goals will always be respected among the people. These points were highlighted at the «Thanksgiving» event of  Andijan State Medical Institute earlier in the week.

The event «Thanksgiving» at the main building of the Institute was held under the guidance of the Department of Pathological Physiology. The teachers of the department got acquainted with the mood of the students, their achievements in the educational process, the actual issues were discussed. Each of us should be honest with ourselves by the heart and to be thankful is a good trait of man.

The Thanksgiving event was held at the 2nd building of ASMI, the Dean of the Dental faculty Dilshodbek Tulanov the  sense of gratitude gives a person a chance to win new victories.

The event, «Thanksgiving – is a good manner», was a great event. With a feeling of gratitude in their hearts, the members of the faculty and students went to the study rooms to start a new week days with positive emotions.

Odiljon Karimov,

Press secretary of ASMI

Translated by Pulatova U.S