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Thanksgiving is the highest quality of our youth

15:48 16.09.2019

The first day of the week in the main building of Andijan State Medical Institute started with the event «Thanksgiving is the highest quality of our youth». At the beginning of the event the psychologist of the Institute Utkirbek Arzikulov gave advice on how to increase the students’ motivation for the learning process. Students then sang the national anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At the event, conducted by the department of «Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy» headed by Zafarbek Kahhorov, the students discussed the activities of the Institute on 5 important initiatives put forward by our President. Speaking at the event, senior lecturer of the department Ilhomiddin Sattiboev emphasized that the doctor should be well informed about literature and art, and also noted that the works of writers and poets like Abdulla Kadyri, Abdulla Kahhor, Erkin Vahidov, Abdulla Aripov should accompany each student.

In addition, participants of the event made comments and suggestions on the conditions created at the Institute and the students’ dormitory on the 5 most important initiatives.

The event titled “Thanksgiving is the highest quality of our youth” was held in the clinical hospital and the educational building number 2 as well.


Press secretary of ASMI

Translated by N.A.Mamatova