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The cooperative distant lection, which conducted with the assistant professor of Tashkent pharmaceutical institute.

14:00 11.05.2019

In 10 May, 2019 conducted the cooperative distant lecture with the departments of inorganic and physic-colloid chemistry of Tashkent pharmaceutical institute with the department of medical chemistry of Andijan State Medical Institute to students of second course on the theme: “Disperse systems and high-molecular compounds”.

The assistant professor of Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute M.M. Qurbanova explained the composition and classification of disperse systems, their molecular kinetic properties, viscosity of high-molecular compounds and their importance in pharmaceuticals.

The application of theoretical knowledge about colloidal solutions in industry and everyday life was extensively described based on interesting information and examples. At the end of lecture the student ask questions on this theme. The lecture was held in interesting discussion environment.