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The delegation of ASMI is in St. Petersburg

10:12 05.10.2019

Currently, the delegation of Andijan State Medical Institute headed by the rector of the institute Madaminjon Madazimov is in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

During the visit, members of the delegation, accompanied by the rector of St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University, M.D.professor Dmitriy Olegovich Ivanov, vice-rector for academic affairs, M.D.professor Orel Vasily Ivanovich, vice-rector for medical affairs c.m.s.Petrenko Yuriy Valentinovich, vice-rector for scientific work, M.D.professor Nasyrov Ruslan Abdullaevich and deans of the University, agreed to launch a joint training program for the 2020-2021 academic year on Medical Prevention and Medical Biophysics.

The delegation of the institute is also taking part in the conference on educational technologies, which is taking place in St. Petersburg from October 2 to 5

The delegation of ASMI also visited the exhibition of simulated robots and simulators, organized as part of the conference.