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14:33 14.12.2019

India’s culture, art and medicine have always been of interest to the peoples of the world. Uzbek people also respect the Magic Land. Gifted, educated citizens of India are working in reputable companies in India and around the world.

Indian company ROOBAROO is one of the leading companies in the field of tourism, education and medicine. The company exchanges students by establishing partnerships with educational institutions around the world. The head of ROOBAROO company Gagan Gupta visited Andijan State Medical Institute to establish such cooperation.

The Indian guest was warmly welcomed by the team of the Institute, consisting of the pro-rector on Academic Affairs of Andijan State Medical Institute A. Arzikulov, Head of the Department of Education K.Yusupov, Head of International Cooperation K.Salakhiddinov. At the beginning of the interview, Mr. Gagan Gupta explained that ROOBAROO is derived from the Uzbek word «face-to-face» and that the Indian people always speak with respect to the Uzbek people, the descendants of Babur.

During the conversation, the staff of the Institute provided detailed information about the activities of the institute, its directions, conditions for students, contacts with foreign medical institutions, directions of international relations. Mr. Gagan Gupta asked the students’ questions about student exchanges, folk medicine and non-traditional methods of treatment and got necessary information.

After that, Gagan Gupta, the head of Indian ROOBAROO, talked with the students in the conference hall. At the beginning of the conversation was shown a video showing the activities of «ROOBAROO».

After the video, Mr. Gagan Gupta briefed on the activities of ROOBAROO in the areas of education – information technology and English language teaching. Students listened with interest.

Press Service of ASMI