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The meeting of the Scientific Councilwas heldby online at Andijan State Medical Institute

13:38 24.06.2020

On June 24, 2020, a meeting of the Scientific Council was held. The meeting was opened by the rector of the institute, Professor M.M. Madazimov. He dwelled on the consistent continuation of the educational and methodical work in the pandemic period in compliance with the quarantine rules.

The administration and the trade union of the institute carry out work to support and promote decent work for professors and teachers in the educational, scientific, and spiritual-educational fields.
Special letters of appreciation and valuable gifts were awarded at their place of work.

On the basis of the order of the rector, a number of teachers working for many years at the institute were awarded. The order on their award was read by the chairman of the trade union committee S. Dekhkanov.

Then the agenda was announced. Vice-rector for work with youth P. Askhanov said that more than 30 departments took part in improving distance learning, organizing events to implement 5 initiatives of the President.

Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Professor G. Khodjimatov made a presentation on the work done from January to June 2020. The speech raised issues of increasing scientific potential, creating fundamental and applied project grants, scientific, innovative works, preparing teaching aids and timely reporting on the Institute’s website.

Dean of the Faculty of Therapy B. Mamatov spoke about the work done in the departments: distance education, delivering online lectures, downloading video lectures on YouTube, as well as the material and technical base of the departments.

Vice-rector for academic affairs A. Arzikulov announced applicants for master’s degree, applicants for undergraduate studies for the state nominal scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, scholarships named after Ibn Sino and I. Karimov in the academic year 2020-2021.Members of the Scientific Council supported the applicants. Then the dean informed the council members about the new teaching aids, textbooks, and popular science books prepared at the departments.

The issues raised on the agenda were considered and taken into account.