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13:44 25.01.2020


The address of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev’s address to the Oliy Majlis, held on January 24, 2020 was carefully listened by the staff of Andijan State Medical Institute and students. The importance of the Address was that it was expressed clearly and openly. This appeal, which examines every aspect of our lives and describes the most important ideas and suggestions, has excited us all.
The President’s proposal to announce 2020 as the «Year of Development of Education and Digital Economy» inspired our team. We have done a lot to improve the scientific potential of our institute and make effective use of computer technology, and the name of this year will be the basis for further development of our work.
Emphasis was also placed on youth, their involvement in work, study and entrepreneurship, and the radical reform of education. Proposals for financial and academic independence of higher education institutions, doubling of state grants, allocation of special grants for girls, reduction of non-core subjects in higher education institutions, the establishment of three-year education in 6 educational areas of pedagogical higher education institutions, partnerships with reputable foreign universities are of particular interest.
Among the tasks mentioned by the head of our state, we were also pleased with the issue of developing healthcare, increasing its prestige and reputation as teachers and doctors in society, and radically improving the quality of medical services.
The views on social and financial protection put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at understanding and taking care of people’s problems, addressing problems in a timely manner did not leave anybody indifferent. One of the most disturbing topics was the issue of ongoing corruption in our society. The President emphasized that all of us, together with the general public, must fight to get rid of corruption and a systematic commission must work in this direction.
We can say that the Address of the President was an important beacon for our future. It urges us to work for the peace of our people, the wellbeing of the country and people’s health.

Madaminjon Madazimov,

Rector of Andijan State Medical Institute, Professor

Translated by N.Mamatova