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Andijon sh. Yu.Otabekov 1-uy

The teachers of ASMI participated to the International conference in USWLU

12:46 17.05.2019

On May 14, 2012, In order to implement the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 133-f dated  February 25, 2019 «On approval of the Plan of international and national scientific and scientific-technical conferences in the country», by the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Teaching Foreign Languages with innovative methods at  Uzbek State World Languages University  held an international scientific-practical conference on » Introduction of foreign experience in distance learning in the teaching of foreign languages. »

At the conference,  a big section allocated to the topic » The role of Latin Language in Medicine» and the teachers of the subject «Latin Language and Medical Terminology» of the department «Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology” of ASMI: Kh.M.Ikramova, G.M.Minavarova and M.U.Abdurakhmanova participated to the conference and got the certificates .

At the conference there was an exchange of views on «Latin language and medical terminology» to raise the prestige of the Republic among the higher education institutions and it would be more efficient to master the subject to the students.