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The team “Ulfatlar” is in the semifinals

09:09 20.09.2019

The cheerful and intelligent students of Andijan State Medical Institute are leading the way in every field. They show that they are not only active in education, but also talented in literature and art. In particular, yesterday the team “Ulfatlar” successfully participated in the quarterfinals of the republican show contest «Quvnoqlar va zukkolar (Cheerful and resourceful)» and won the right to participate in the semi-final round.

In the quarterfinals of the contest » Quvnoqlar va zukkolar (Cheerful and resourceful)» the team «Ulphatlar» competed on the stage with the team»Duv-duv gap»of Tashkent State Economic University, the team «Olymp» of Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sport, the team «Ilhom» of Samarkand State University, the team “Positiv” of the private enterprise “Karavan-Studio”. They competed with “Positive” teams on the directions “The QVZ in the international arena”, “Questions-answers”, “Free topic” and showed their talents.

Please note that the teams, competed with “Ulfatlar” in the quarterfinals, were very strong. But after a lively match, we were all happy that our team won the honorable second place and reached the semifinals.

We wish “Ulfatlar” great success in the semifinal and final stages of the “QVZ”.
Good luck to you, Ulfatlar” !

Abdulazizkhodjiev Boburjon

The Institute leader of PO of the

Youth Union of Uzbekistan