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The team "Young Volunteers" of Andijan State Medical Institute in Jalalkuduk district

16:50 04.12.2020

The team «Young Volunteers» of Andijan State Medical Institute conducted a campaign against the coronavirus pandemic in Jalalkuduk district.

During the campaign, young volunteers visited the district’s «Yangi Korpa», «Toshhovuz», «Galaba» mahallas, as well as «Yakkatut», «Dilkash», «Taraqqiyot», «Beshkurash» and other streets.

Promoters raised awareness of the need to wear masks and follow hygiene rules in the context of coronavirus pandemic. They also provided information on the prevention of common diseases among population.

Booklets with hygienic information and signs of coronavirus and its prevention were distributed to the population. The khokim of Jalalkuduk district thanked the young propagandists.

The team “Young Volunteers” of Andijan State Medical Institute is actively conducting propaganda work to prevent coronavirus infection. Good luck to our young volunteers!

ASMI, Youth Council media group