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«Ulfatlar» are in the strongest three

18:59 25.11.2019

Students of Andijan State Medical Institute leads not only in medicine but also in literature, arts and sports. The students of ASMI are very talented in singing, dancing and performing. In this case the team of “Ulfatlar” team of cheerful and intelligent people of the institute successfully participates in the republican stage of the republican competition «CCI».

The third semi-final of the show «CCI» «was held at the magnificent Turkestan Art Palace in Tashkent. On behalf of Andijan State Medical Institute the team of «Ulfatlar» participated in the event.
The game was full of dramatic turns. Specifically, on 1st and 2nd stage, the «Ulfatlar» team scored 0.1 points, which was different from the team of the National University of Uzbekistan «Shovvozlar».

Unfortunately, the final ticket to the third round was won by the team of «National University» of Uzbekistan. 2 nd place «Agrolife» of Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University, 3 rd place – «Ulfatlar» of Andijan State Medical Institute, 4 th place – «Stomat» of the Tashkent State Dental Institute and 5th place «Guluston State University» Bojalar team.
Ko‘rib turibsizki, “Ulfatlar”  jamoasi jamoasi kuchli uchlikdan joy oldi. Biz “Ulfatlar”ga ishonamiz, ular, albatta, respublikada birinchi ekanliklarni ko‘rastishadi. Bu borada ularga katta omad tilaymiz.
As you can see, the «Ulfatlar» team is in the top three. We believe in «Ulfatlar» they are definitely they will be the first in the country. We wish them good luck in this regard.

Press service of ASMI