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Visit to the orphanage

12:17 21.12.2019

There is little time left for the New Year. Many people celebrate New Year with their families and give gifts every year. Although the holiday season has been around for a while, the festive atmosphere is already in towns, countrysides, neighborhoods, business centres and organizations.

In order to fill the hearts of pupils in orphanages with New Year’s celebrations, the teachers and professors of the Department of Hospital Therapy and Endocrinology of Andijan State Medical Institute, headed by the head of the department Sh.Yusupova, made a festive visit to the orphanage in Andijan. During the visit more than 40 children from the orphanage were given holiday gifts. Festive greetings were held.

In turn, the pupils of the orphanage welcomed the participants with a small theatrical concert as a symbol of gratitude. The event ended with a wish for a wonderful New Year for all children.


   Assistant of the Department of Hospital Therapy and Endocrinology

Translated by N.Mamatova