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“Young doctors are the reliance of national development”

16:27 10.01.2020

The students of Andijan State Medical Institute are trying to be advanced in all areas. We are especially pleased with the success of young people in the implementation of 5 important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to this, on the initiative of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Student Olympiad titled “Young doctors are the reliance of national development” was held, in which 5-year students of Pediatric faculty took part.

They competed in the following areas: presentation on infectious diseases, simulation skills, creativity, the use of computer technology, reading of fiction and cooking.

The best were the presentations of students of the group 517 : Shirinoy Oripova, Shokhsanam Alimova, Marhabo Muminova. The simulation skills of students were assessed by professors and teachers of the Department of Infectious Diseases, headed by associate professor Dildorakhon Mirzakarimova.

The ability to use computer technology is a dictate of the time. Based on this, special attention was paid to the ability to use computer technology.

Students showed their knowledge in fiction, retelling excerpts from the works of great classics. And the girls surprised everyone with cooked delicious dishes and pastries.

In addition, students showed good results in sports, namely checkers and chess.

The student olympiad “Young doctors are the reliance of national development” showed that our students are trying to be highly developed personalities.

The distinguished students were awarded special certificates.

We wish further success to the participants of the Olympiad “Young Doctors – the Reliance of National Development”.

Odiljon KARIMOV,

Press secretary of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova