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Young volunteer`s team of Andijan State Medical Institute continues their propaganda work

09:51 20.07.2020

Nowadays a team of young volunteers of Andijan State Medical Institute held a campaign for a healthy life in Altinkul district. During the campaign, volunteers talked to the citizens of Toshbolta, Serhayot, Yoshlar, Erkin streets of Erkin MCC of the 43rd family polyclinic of the district, gave their advice on the problems of their health, carried out advocacy work on the prevention of common diseases. The team of young volunteers, in cooperation with the administration of Erkin MCC, provided practical assistance in the delivery of food to citizens in need and with disabilities.

During the quarantine period, the population was also instructed to wear masks and follow the rules of hygiene.

Later, during the coronavirus pandemic, the population was advised not to go out unless necessary, and to follow the rules of medical hygiene in any case.