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"Young Volunteers" team of Andijan State Medical Institute in Bulakbashi

09:29 14.07.2020

Young volunteers of Andijan State Medical Institute took part in a healthy life campaign in «Farogat», «Oltinsoy» and «Beshtol» streets of «Uch kucha» makhalla of Moyarik village of Bulakbashi district.

During the propaganda work, the necessary advice was given on the prevention of common diseases in human life, including: weight gain (Obesity), Hypertension (increased blood pressure) and other diseases.

It was also explained about wearing masks and following hygienic rules among the population during the quarantine period. Later, during the coronavirus pandemic, the population was encouraged not to walk on the streets unless necessary, and to follow the rules of medical hygiene when necessary.

The Young Volunteers team also demonstrated how to prepare unsalted salads and meals on a healthy diet.

Youth Union of  ASMI