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1 team Olympiad of the student scientific society "Medical Leaders club" ASMI was held

14:22 16.12.2020

The Olympiad was organized by the pro-rector on Academic Affairs of  ASMI B.R.Abdullajanov, the Department of Normal Physiology.
The Olympiad was organized in a team form, in which 6 students participated.

5 teams of 3rd year students – “Renaissance”, “Vanguard”, “Adrenaline”, “Steroid”, “Intelligentsia” fought in 3 stages: Stage 1 – acquaintance and presentation, stage 2 – selection, stage 3 – final.

At the 1st stage, the participants acquainted with the team members and showed their knowledge of mastering fundamental, clinical subjects. At the 2nd stage, they answered blitz questions, solved situational problems and tests.

At the final 3 stage, the level of knowledge of each team member was identified.
The knowledge of students was assessed by members of the jury: senior lecturer of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology F. Zagruddinov, senior lecturer at the Department of Pathological and Normal Physiology M. Madumarova, Head of the Department of Normal Physiology A. Khudoyarov, docent at the Department of Hospital Therapy B. Vakhobov.

After interesting debates the following results were obtained:
1st place was won by the team “Renaissance”, 2nd place – “Steroid”, 3rd place – “Intellectuals”.

In addition, the “Intelligentsia” team was recognized as “The most friendly team”, the “Adrenaline” team – “The most creative”.
In individual nominations, Khusanboy Babakhanov was awarded the title”Expert”, Shokhzhakhon Abdurakhmanov – “The Youngest Lecturer”.

All winners were awarded by the management of the institute and the organizers.