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Open dialogue between employers and graduates of ASMI

16:57 01.02.2019

On February 1, 2019, in Andijan State Medical Institute the Regional Health Officials with  graduates, holders of master degree, clinical interns conducted a meeting. The event was opened by Rector of ASMI, Professor M.Madazimov, who talked about the successive reforms in the field of medicine and measures on strengthening public health.

In order to improve the quality of staff, to increase their scientific skills, a great deal has been made at the expense of the state and local budget, as well as the practical skills of graduates and practitioners in the simulation training center and the requirements for specialists. He also introduced guests to the meeting.

Then head of the Regional Healthcare Department Avazbek Abdurakhmanov spoke about vacancies and paid jobs in medical institutions of the region, narrow specialists, as well as opportunities in the private sector, the concept of “Ustoz-shogird” in state-owned organizations, training specialists, their opportunities and conditions.

During the event there was a dialogue about works of new specialists, their attitude towards in the future. Employers and graduates were discussed and graduates got answers to all their questions in detail.

Graduates gained the necessary information.   The event was attended by pro- rector on Academic Affairs A.Arzikulov, the head of marketing department A. Ziyaev.