Note to applicants

In connection with the Pandemic COVID-19 all documents are accepted online,

additional time and exam information will be provided further!!!


The applicant must submit the relevant documents to the Receiving Board confirming that the information corresponding to the submitted documents has been correctly entered into the applicants’ database. Applicants’ complaints will not be considered after the reception process.

The applicant will take the exam on the date and time specified in the permit.

During the test, the applicant has the following rights: to use the questionnaire as a draft;

complete the test tasks ahead of schedule, then pass the test materials to the team leader in an orderly manner and leave the training ground.

On the day of the test, the applicant will be allowed to enter the building until 07:00 (second shift at 13:00), until 07:30 (second shift at 13:30) only with the permission of the applicant and the passport, identification devices and video recording devices. on the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00, on the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00, on the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00, in strict accordance with the rules of testing:

Check the compatibility of the test book and the corresponding numerical numbers in the answer sheet.

Check the test materials for defects and notify the team leader immediately if any defects are found;

Make sure that the answer sheet is filled in correctly.

write and sign the last name, first name, patronymic in the appropriate place on the cover of the notebook and on the answer sheet;

Copy the answer sheet number to the appropriate location on the applicant’s application and cover sheet and sign it;

Copy the special code on the cover page and the school code to the correct place on the answer sheet and fill in the corresponding circles.

In addition to the above obligations, the applicant is personally responsible for:

fill in the answer sheet with a ball handle; do not add the answer sheet, do not write on the marker line, do not shade circles under the answer sheet number;

Fill in the answer sheet correctly, as this is the main document that determines the level of knowledge;

complete the test tasks in the test booklet by the end of the allotted time, fill in the corresponding circles in the corresponding serial number of the sheet with the answers, and send the test booklet and the corresponding sheet with the answers to the team leader.

Test tasks are structured in accordance with the curricula of general and secondary special, professional general education subjects.

Candidates take the test in one, two or three subject areas, depending on their specialty.

Each item in the test book contains 30 test jobs.

1 hour for 30 test jobs, 2 hours for 60 test jobs, and 3 hours for 90 test jobs to complete the test (including the answer sheet).

Each test element has 4 alternative responses (“A,” “B,” “C,” “D”).

The participant must mark only one bit for each test job, and the answers that are considered correct in the test book fill one of the numbered circles in the appropriate order on the answer sheet (the answers drawn on the answer sheet cannot be changed).) . The test will not be evaluated if the response sheet does not follow the Mark Pattern rule, including if one test element does not have an appropriate mug on the response sheet, or if two or more circles are shaded or not fully painted.

Candidates are not allowed to leave the group during the test, and those who have not passed will not be allowed to re-pass the test. Except when leaving the group under observation without test materials in cases of adverse health effects.

In the following cases, the applicant will be excluded from the testing process and the results will not be issued: attempts, imports or uses microcalculators, dictionaries, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunications devices and other devices, baby cots at the entrance to the test site or to the building during testing; transfer or assist test materials to another applicant; takes out test materials from the building, tears a sheet of the test book; refuses to submit test materials at the end of the time allotted for testing; during testing