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The first meeting of the deputy group of the SDP "Adolat" of Uzbekistan

15:55 21.01.2020

The first meeting of people’s deputies of the SDP «Adolat» of the Kengash of Andijan region was dedicated to the trust of voters, the cooperation of regional party kengashes to ensure the fulfillment of election tasks. The meeting was attended by deputies, party moderators and media representatives.

The deputy of the Kengash of Andijan region Ibrohimjon Mitillaev expressed his opinion on the election promises of the deputies. – Some deputies forgot about their promises during the pre-election meetings, they promised to help in solving a number of problems, voters were dissatisfied with this attitude. The question arises: why is the voter dissatisfied? Because the promises remained unfulfilled. This fact makes the new deputies even more responsible. We must solve all the problems of voters and once again gain their trust. This is our main task.

In turn, they talked about the fulfillment of these tasks in cooperation with the Kengashes of regional parties. When drawing up the work plan of the deputy group, it was decided first of all to take into account the interests of voters. It was planned to ensure the implementation of the projects identified at the session of the regional Kengash.