Visit of Korean specialists to Andijan

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In February 13 of 2018, the delegation under the supervision of Sung II Nam (professor of Dongsang medical center in Kemyung University, South Korea) came to Andijan state medical institute. Members of the delegation: manager Chung Sangjin and coordinator Yugay Natalya Emilevna. The institute rector M.Madazimov, pro-rectors, responsible for international relations K.Salohiddinov, professor-teachers and students greeted the guests sincerely.

            First, the guests got acquaintance with scientific-practical, educational-methodological affairs and conditions of the institute. They exchanged their views about future plans.

            Then, there was a scientific-practical conference. On that day the delegation was at “Soglom Avlod” LOR clinic in the city. They examined patients and gave necessary consultations.

            The delegation of Korea will stay in Andijan till February 17 and hold seminars, master classes and lectures for the students of Otolaryngology direction.


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