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Scientific Council of the Institute

The Council of the Institute was created under the Rector of the Institute, who is the Chairman of the Council. The Council is a freelance collegial scientific advisory body of the Institute, its activities are aimed at increasing the efficiency and quality of additional professional (mainly medical) education and its scientific and methodological support. The main goal of the Council is to improve the quality of additional and postgraduate education at the Institute in various areas. The Council is intended to contribute to the improvement of the scientific and pedagogical activities of the Institute, to strengthen and expand the Institute’s relations with the scientific and pedagogical community.

The activities of the Council are aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • Optimization of the content of programs of additional professional education in medicine and forms of organization of the educational process at the Institute, taking into account its continuity and continuity: Ensuring methodological unity of content, forms and means of teaching in different areas of medicine in the multi-level education system of the Institute. Analysis of the state of educational and methodological literature and preparation of recommendations for the creation and implementation of literature.
  • Coordination of the coordinated work of departments and scientific divisions of the Institute for planning and organizing scientific research. Analysis of the scientific, scientific and methodological activities of the Institute, development, based on the analysis, of proposals for its improvement and development. The Scientific Council discusses the main directions of scientific and organizational activities of the Institute: – Considers projects and implementation of thematic plans for research work;
  • Approves the topics of dissertations carried out by employees of the Institute;
  • Reviews and approves reviews of dissertations for candidate and doctoral academic titles, incl. as a leading organization;
  • Reviews and participates in the preparation and holding of meetings, conferences, scientific and practical seminars, and the publication of scientific works by employees;
  • Hears reports from graduate students of the institute on the curriculum, on certification for the year, hears reports from graduate students on scientific work related to the defense of dissertations, organizes scientific seminars for graduate students;
  • Discusses issues related to the training and advanced training and certification of scientific personnel;
  • Discusses issues of coordination and creative cooperation with other scientific institutions and monitors the implementation of research work within the framework of Cooperation Agreements and the implementation of their results in practice;
  • Hears reports on scientific and technical activities for the year of the institute’s divisions;
  • Organizational management of the current work of the Academic Council is carried out by the secretary of the council in accordance with job responsibilities. The Secretary of the Institute Council recommends candidacies for faculty members for internships at foreign universities according to plans, makes proposals for awarding academic titles to employees of educational and scientific departments of the faculty (institute);
  • reviews reports of deans of the faculty (institute), heads of departments and heads of structural divisions of the faculty (institute);
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