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Master classes with participastion of the professors M.Alieva and O.Olloberganova

11:03 20.05.2019

On May 17-18, 2019, master classes and operations were held at the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Anesthesiology-resuscitation, with the participation of Professor Mahmud Aliyev, Head of the Department of Optional Pediatric Surgery of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, and Professor  of this Department Odilbek Olloberganov . 
Master classes were held on current topics of pediatric surgery such as congenital diseases of the liver and biliary tract in children, Hirschsprung’s disease and anomalies of anorectal development, acute abdominal syndrome and echinococcal disease. Professor Mahmud Aliyev and Odilbek Olloberganov answered the questions of the staff of the department and the regional children’s multidisciplinary medical center, undergraduates and clinical residents, as well as 4-5-year students of  pediatric faculty.