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15:37 18.01.2019

On January 18, 2018 in cooperation with Andijan State Medical Institute and the Regional Health Department in the conference hall of the Union Council of Trade Unions were conducted a conference on « The state of the chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency in the whole world and in Uzbekistan».The conference was attended by academician Sh.Karimov, the director of the Republican Specialized Center for Surgical Angioneurology, Ophthalmologist F.Bahriddinova.The conference was opened by the Rector of ASMI M.Madazimov. The conference was attended by doctors, masters and clinicians and students.
During the conference, lectures by leading experts on various topics were heard, circulatory problems in the brain, pre-stroke diseases, treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, as well as master classes.

Currently, cardiovascular diseases: ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, physical inactivity, obesity, increased blood coagulation increase blood clots and lead to the development of stroke. These diseases are distinguished by high rates; therefore, specialists in this field should pay serious attention to this problem.

These diseases are characterized by high rates. Therefore, specialists in the industry need to be responsible for this and take great care.

On the same day in Andijan master classes were held on actual topics. Experts exchanged with opinions and had debates.