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Appeal of the head of Andijan Regional Health Department Avazbek Abdurahmanov:

09:25 04.07.2020

I ask our compatriots to continue to strictly adhere to the quarantine requirements introduced due to coronavirus infection!
Dear citizens of Andijan!
I urge our compatriots to strictly adhere to the quarantine requirements imposed due to the disease, and to:
-be sure to wear medical masks when leaving the house, when moving in public places (workplaces, markets, shops, supermarkets and other places);
-keep social distance;
– wash hands with soap (or use antiseptics) if necessary;
–  strictly follow other sanitary-hygienic requirements;
-In case of fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, it is necessary to call in an ambulance (103) or call to the regional medical institution without leaving home.
Dear compatriots, the health of each of us is in our own hands!