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Congratulation of the Rector of ASMI, Professor M. M. Madazimov on the occasion of the “Youth Day”

10:01 30.06.2020

Uzbekistan is a country of youth!
30 percent of the country’s population is young people from 14 to 30 years old.  All conditions are created for education and getting a profession.
June 30 – the day of the organization of the Youth Union of  is declared in our country as Youth Day.
Today, the continuation of work to educate young people and protect their health should remain a priority in the state policy of the country.
In response to the concern of the state, young people excel in science and technology, in sports, delighting professors and teachers with their victories and achievements.
Dear youth, our children!
We, parents and mentors congratulate you, all Uzbek youth on the holiday.  We consider that you are the decisive force in society and hope that you will be worthy citizens.
You are young people with modern knowledge, independent thinking, professional skills, who can solve topical problems.
I wish health, happiness and success to all young people, on the way to achieving great goals!
May the “Youth Day” be joyful for all the youth of the country!