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Conversation with graduates and employers

16:26 23.01.2019

Today, one of the most pressing issues in the country is to improve the quality of medical services provided to the population, employment of specialists in healthcare institutions.  On January 23, 2019 in Andijan State Medical Institute a meeting was conducted with graduates and clinical interns, holders of the master degree as well as employees of Health Department of Ferghana Valley.
Pro-rector on Academic Affairs and Innovation of ASMI G.Hodjimatov opened  the event and introduced the guests.

After that the  head of  Health Department of Fergana region Odiljon Umarov talked about the reforms in the healthcare system and  the rapid changes in medicine. The main aim of this meeting is to familiarize graduates with the created conditions, to discuss with experts about actual topics in medicine and get necessary answers.

The dean of the Pediatrics Faculty  A.Gofurov, the dean of Dentistry Faculty D.Tulanov,  the head of the department of Marketing A.Ziyaev, the graduates of bachelor and master’s degrees, clinical interns got answers for their questions. O.Umarov, the head of Health Department of Fergana region, answered all their questions in detail.

During the meeting the graduates had enough information.