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Council of tutors. Topic of the day: Working with students living in the dormitory

16:02 04.09.2019

“A student who reads books will not do harm,” said Abdupatto Askhanov, the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs at the next meeting of the Council of tutors of Andijan State Medical Institute. «That’s why we need to help every student get involved with the books, not only scientific ones but also fiction,» said the pro-rector in his speech. To this end, the Council meeting discussed the holding of the Contest titled «The Most Active, Educated Reader» in the new 2019/2020 academic year. The competition is going to be organized in each group based on the methodology recommended by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, with a special emphasis on promoting students’ participation.

The agenda of the next meeting of the Council of tutors included the analysis of the tutors’ activities during the past academic year, the distribution of mentors to new groups, the development of regulations, and the election of the Chair for the Council of tutors of Therapeutic Faculty.

During the meeting, there were discussed the living conditions of students living in dormitories and apartments, the control over how they spend their leisure time, conducting the “Tutorial hour” as well as the implementation of 5 initiatives proposed by our President. Such shortcomings as filling in the special notebook in the student’s dormitory, the organization of students’ visits to theaters and museums,cooperation with their parents were sharply criticized.

At the meeting, the chairman of the Council of tutors A.Arzibekov discussed the development of normative documents, the chairwoman of the Women’s Committee of the Institute M.A.Jurayeva expressed her opinion on vocational training and employment of girls-students in their free time.
The tutors made their comments on the issues and received the full answers to their questions.
At the end of the meeting, an appropriate decision was made.