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10:17 27.12.2018

The New Year is a wonderful and special holiday  with its exciting, unique and exciting adventures, unexpected wonders and many gifts. This holiday is the most joyful and unforgettable holiday, especially for children. On the eve of the holiday, children will expect New Year’s gifts. On December 27, 2018, New Year’s gifts were presented by the rector of institute and the trade union committee for the children of all employees of the Andijan State Medical Institute in connection with the New Year’s evening.

There were provided with free tickets to the children’s spectacle on «Christmas Tale», which will be held in  Andijan Regional Music and Drama Theater. Z. M. Bobur, for the children to spend the holiday with excellent  mood .

All the staff of the institute were satisfied with such high attention of the administration. In addition were given gifts for the honored veterans who were worked in ASMI for a long period of time.