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15:25 17.10.2019

I can proudly say that today the doctors of our country work alongside with leading specialists from the most prestigious medical institutions of the world. Special attention is given to the lectures of our professors and teachers, given in foreign educational institutions. In particular, the teaching staff of Andijan State Medical Institute has gained international recognition. Thanks to the international cooperation of the Institute, I’ve been to St. Petersburg, Russia, from October 8th to October 12th this year. I got acquainted with the activities of St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg State University named after I. Mechnikov and exchanged experiences.

I am pleased to say that I received a warm welcome from the university administration. We have developed mutually beneficial plans with the vice-rectors of the universities. In accordance with this plan, I visited practical classes in Optional and Hospital Surgery conducted for the 4th and 6th year students of the Medical faculty of SSU at the Clinical Hospital No.122 named after L.N.Sokolov. During the meeting with the students, I answered their questions about Uzbekistan, our beautiful Andijan and our institute.

As I became familiar with the course, I paid particular attention to the students’ participation in the operations and their taking a separate test and general exam after the completion of the surgical cycle. I gave a lecture for the 6th-year students on the topic «Postcholecystectomy syndrome».

There is a Department of Optional Surgery at the University Hospital named after I. Mechnikov. I got acquainted with the educational and scientific activities of this department. I obtained the electronic literature that is required for our students and agreed to collaborate in various areas.

During my trip, I gave lectures on Optional Surgery for the students of two universities. My lectures were on “Current problems in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gallstone disease” and “Acute peritonitis, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, modern treatment tactics”. Students responded with interest and asked many questions. The professor of the department Filenko Boris Petrovich and c.m.s. Namazov Behzod Bedullaevich participated in my lectures. I was very pleased to be thanked by the university administration for my lectures.

During my trip, I also visited the Clinical Hospital named after Alexandrovsky. With the support of professor Levin Leonid Alexandrovich, I learned about the work carried in the hospital. I watched and participated in many operations.

During my visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, we agreed to establish cooperation with scientists and professors of the universities, to organize a visit of the professor Akimov Vladimir Pavlovich to our Institute. I am confident that our cooperation will have a significant impact on the development of medical field in both countries.

Yuldashali Egamov,

Professor of the Department of General Surgery of ASMI.

Translated by N.Mamatova