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Eliminate corruption from roots”

11:45 16.10.2019

 Corruption can cause delinquency and crime in society. Injustice is allowed as a result of corruption. Therefore, all organizations and political parties contribute to the fight against corruption and bribery.

On the initiative of the Adolat Social Democratic Party, an action was held in the Youth park of culture and recreation in Andijan district under the motto “Eradicate corruption to the very roots”. The rally was attended by deputies of the Oliy Majlis from the Social Democratic Party Adolat, activists of the regional and district councils, professors, students of Andijan State Medical Institute, representatives of public organizations.

Speakers noted that the fight against corruption and its eradication is the duty of each of us.

The action, organized on Sunday, was complemented by fun dances and songs. The boys of ASMI with their dance “Andijan Polka” pulled everyone into a dance, and the team of funny and resourceful “Ulfatlar” showed corruption flaws through their funny sketches.

The songs and dances of the artistic ensemble of Andijan district inspired a mass dance. During the event, a question-answer conversation was held about the life of the Social Democratic Party «Adolat» of Andijan District. Active participants in the event, who showed their knowledge of the goals and objectives, the activities of the party, were awarded souvenirs.

The musical evening, organized as part of the action under the motto “Eradicate corruption to the very roots,” continued until the evening and urged everyone to unite in the fight against corruption.

Translated by:

Pulatova U.S