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Entrance examinations for Master's program were conducted on the subject of foreign languages

13:48 12.08.2019

On the 10th of August, 2019 in the Information Technology Hall of Andijan State Medical Institute the entrance exams for Master’s degree program for the 2019-2020 academic year were conducted on the subject of foreign languages. The exams started at 7:00 am. The process of testing was organized in a fair and transparent manner.

The process was monitored by the pro-rector for Academic Affairs of the Institute, professor A.Arzikulov, the Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee S.Salakhiddinov, responsible person for Master’s Degree department B.Tursunov as well as some representatives from parents and relatives of applicants : a public education officer from Andijan Lolakhon Jalilova and a teacher from Namangan Sardor Mirzakholov.

The tests lasted one hour, and applicants tested their knowledge of English and German. The exams were carried out on computer and each applicant could see his scores. Examinations are conducted in accordance with the Regulation on Admission to the Master’s Program of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This year, 201 entrants will be admitted for Master’s degree program at ASMI. Applicants’ responses will be evaluated and accepted on the basis of criteria established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 360 dated April 27, 2019.  The process of exams was conducted in orderly and fair manner. It is undoubtedly, that young people with high knowledge, unique abilities and deep thinking will successfully pass.
Good luck to young people who believe in their knowledge and potential!