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16:04 04.09.2019

On August 30, 2019 in the conference hall of Andijan State Medical Institute entrance examinations for the second specialty were conducted.

Examinations were conducted in accordance with the Regulation approved by the Protocol of the State Commission for Admission of the second and subsequent education in educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 13, 2008 №15 and “Regulations on the procedure for obtaining the second and further education in educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan” registered by the Ministry of Justice on August 21, 2008 № 1844.

Madazimov, rector of the Institute, gathered the applicants before the exams and explained the rules and criteria of fairness and wished everyone good luck.

Then the exams began. The envelope with test questions was opened in the presence of entrants. The exams were watched by the rector of the institute M.Madazimov, the head of the admission committee S.Salohiddinov, the head of the department for scientific research G.Mamatkhodjaeva and teachers of the institute.

The young men and women who wished to study in the second specialty took  tests at regular intervals. Testing was conducted in an organized and impartial manner.