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Execution of the tasks set by the President will be provided!

10:59 28.05.2019

On May 27, 2019 an expanded meeting was held in the conference hall of ASMI with the participation of members of the Scientific Council, Deputy Deans and responsible persons for academic affairs in the departments.

The rector of the institute M.Madazimov opened the meeting. M.Madazimov said that he participated in the meeting held on May 24, 2019 in Tashkent with the participation of the head of the state Sh.Mirziyoyev, and introduced the staff of the institute with important issues and details.

In addition, he told that the rectors of higher education institutions, heads of research and scientific research institutes and persons responsible for the quality of education attended the meeting. In turn, the meeting was focused on improving the quality of education, being strict on students’ assessment, fair assessment, training of potential professionals in every aspect, as well as improving the quality of teaching, raising the scientific potential and focusing on innovations. He stressed the five important initiatives put forward by our President, the importance of promoting talented students, information technology and foreign language learning as well.

At the meeting A. Arzikulov, the vice-rector on Academic Affairs of the institute, gave a detailed insight into the preparation for attestation and accreditation, organization of academic work, requirements to professors and teachers.

The meeting also discussed preparations for the scientific and practical conference which will be held on June 7th , 8th and agreed the work to be done.