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Feruzabonu’s Victory

09:20 14.01.2020

Feruzabonu Bazarova is a 5th year student of the faculty of Therapy of Andijan State Medical Institute. This gifted student has now reached the republican stage in the contest for Zulfia State Prize.

Feruzabonu participated in the Andijan regional stage of the III Republican contest «100 Best Innovative Projects of Women in Uzbekistan» with the project «Promotion of therapeutic gymnastics among pregnant women». She became winner in the nomination «Innovative Idea of a Gifted Girl» for the relevance and excellence of the project and was guided to the Republican stage of the competition.

Feruzabonu Bazarova along with other winners of the contest was awarded with diplomas and souvenirs by deputy khakim of Andijan region Manzurakhon Yunusova and she wished them further success. We also wish Feruzabonu Farhodjon kizi Bazarova new victories.

 Information service of ASMI