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09:34 16.07.2020

The international rating of Andijan State Medical Institute is growing. This is evidenced by the fact that 43 foreign students, including Uzbek students, are currently studying in the institute.
Most of them are students from Russia, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Representatives of various countries are taking advantage of the opportunities created in our country during the pandemic, which worries the people of the world.
What is the purpose of studying foreign students in Uzbekistan? Of course the conditions, opportunities for students as well as the cooperation relations between prestigious universities of foreign countries always attract students.
The wide range of opportunities created in our country, especially at Andijan State Medical Institute, leads to the expansion of the number of foreign students. In the current pandemic, online propaganda works give good results.
In a distance conversation with South Korean youth, organized at the request of foreign citizens, Korean applicants expressed their views on our country and expressed a desire to study in our country. Online applying the documents is available for them.
It is worth noting that in the current academic year, new steps have been taken in the field of international cooperation.
Germaniyaning yetakchi Rostok universiteti  bilantibbiyot biotexnologiyasi, Rossiya Federatsiyasining Ural davlat tibbiyot universiteti bilanpediatriya ishi va Dog‘iston davlat tibbiyot universiteti bilanstomatologiya yo‘nalishida ko‘shma ta’lim dasturlari imzolandi.
Joint educational programs in the field of medical biotechnology with the leading German university of Rostock, pediatric work with Ural State Medical University of the Russian Federation and dentistry with Dagestan State Medical University were signed.
These results show the growing international cooperation and the confidence of foreigners in Andijan medical science.

Akbarjon NAZAROV,

Rustamjon ESHONOV.

Source: auz.uz